Thursday, February 26, 2009

New work soon!!!

Well it seems like forever since I wrote anything here. Maybe not forever, but it has been almost two months. One of the reasons I haven't written is that I have been really busy at the studio. I have spent several days a week at the studio in the last month (which for me is a lot of time) and have been working on some new techniques. I did finish the collagraphs I had been working on with some success, but I really felt like I needed a little break from them. I started working on some monotypes on kozo paper using stencils and layering. I really am enjoying working on these and feel like I am learning a lot about how this technique works. However, in the middle of this I had to start working on three etching plates for our studio fundraiser/auction. I hadn't been very successful in etching copper previous to this, but I finally feel like I am having some success. I printed all I could on these for myself and then watched as the plates were cut up to be used to make a chandelier. It was actually kind of fun to see them being destroyed. It was almost as though I really felt like I had finished something. Anyways, as soon as I get the prints dried and flattened I will take pictures and post. Hopefully, that won't take another two months.

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